By following simple guidelines, we can assure you of a clean water guarantee provided basic maintenance practices are followed.

Here is a brief overview of pond maintenance utilizing external filtration methods.

How to keep your pond clean

Unlike lakes and rivers, ornamental garden ponds are generally of small size with limited depth. Therefore they can warm up more quickly than natural bodies of water; they also have greater sunlight penetration and a higher concentration of nutrients. These conditions stimulate the growth of algae, which causes greenwater problems.

Pollution Caused by Fish Waste

Compared with natural ponds, garden ponds are usually heavily stocked with fish, which are fed more than they would normally find to eat in their natural habitat. Fish produce waste in proportion to the amount of food eaten. This waste is both solid and dissolved; this pollution is increased by the decomposition of plants and uneaten food. If these waste products are not removed they will eventually poison your fish.

Lack of Oxygen

Both green water and pollution can reduce the level of oxygen in pondwater. However, relatively high concentrations of oxygen are necessary to support healthy fish. The introduction of air into pondwater i.e. aeration, raises and stabilise

s the level of oxygen in the water. In addition the turbulence created by aeration will remove toxic gases.


Pond filters remove solid material including fish waste and algae and use friendly bacteria to remove harmful dissolved pollutants.

Our highly effective filters use various combinations of brushes, foam, and plastic biomedia to achieve this. We have filters for

ponds up to 32000 litres (7000 gallons).

Our Bioforce pond filters are designed to provide clean clear healthy water with unparalleled ease of use. Many unique and innovative features combine to give you maximum performance and minimum maintenance.

How does a pond filter work?

The purpose of a filter system is to transfer waste material via a pump (1) from the pond into a filter(2).

Here the water can be cleaned and purified by a combination of mechanical filtration (to make the water clear) and

biological filtration (to make the water healthy).

For further information on pond filtration please contact us and we will determine which filter system is best for you.