Native Wildlife

Large Emu

H 178 W 150

Code: UR

Removable Legs & Base For Ease Of Transport

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Emu Head

Height: 55 CM

Code: UR

Also Available In Rubber

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Shark Head Fibreglass #7114

Size CM: L 67 H 59 W 85

Code: UR

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Crocodile Fibreglass # 7113

Size L 320 W108cm  H 52cm

Code: UR

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Wren Family With Reeds

So real you can sit & wait for them to whistle, the two little Wrens with Reeds are perfect for garden beds or pots.

Size H:70cm & W:80cm
Code: 14150

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Kingfisher with Reeds

Size H:130cm & W:60cm
Code: 14120

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Preying Mantis

Comes in two finishes the bright green or the natural.

Size L:26cm
Code Preying Mantis: 13190
Code Preying Mantis Green: 13190G

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Mini Echidna

Size Mini Echidna H:15cm
Code: 13140

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Mini Crane

These beautiful little sculptures add a point of interest to any little nook, inside or outside.

Size H:36cm
Code: 13130

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Mini Bee

Like our Butterflies and Dragonflies the Bees come on a removable spike for easy positioning throughout the garden, or look wonderful in a pot.

Size H:11cm (without stand) & W:28cm
Code: 13120

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The Ants make a good small gift item, and also are useful to create unique displays with other products Like Echidna’s.

Size L:18cm & W:13
Code: 13110

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These Sunflowers could easily be mistaken for the real thing. With a lot of attention to detail they have all the charm of the natural version.
They can be pushed into the ground anywhere or into a suitable pots.

Size Small H:100cm
Size Medium H:135cm
Size Large H:165cm

Code Small: 16610
Code Medium: 16620
Code Large: 16630

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Our Grasshopper is full of personality, with alot of detail and great value.

Size H:30cm & L:50cm

Code Grasshopper: 16510
Code Green: 16510G

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Funky Flowers Wall

There just aren’t enough interesting things to put on walls!!! Well these are here to fill that gap. Inexpensive but loads of style, they mount easily on a screw. Like their cousins the stake version.

Size Small H:30cm & W:30cm
Size Large H:35cm & W:35cm

Code Small: 16430
Code Large: 16440

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Funky Flowers

The name says it all. These are a unique product and look great staked into almost anywhere.

Size Small H:80cm & W:30cm
Size Large H:100cm & W:35cm

Code Small: 16410
Code Large: 16420

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