Mermaid In Large Bell Bowl Code T.F. Mermaid and Code O Large Bell bowl

Code TF Bronze Mermaid -Height of 900mm and width of 700mm.

Code O Large Bell Bowl-#3154 with a Height of 640mm and width of 1000mm-available in 3 colours and accompanied with Code O Wrought Iron supporting framework-#6098 which brings the bowl to a height of 900mm.

A smaller Bell Bowl-#6098 with a Height of 450mm and width of 670mm-available in 3 colours is also available.It can also accompanied with a Code O Wrought Iron supporting framework-#6115.

This central water feature is accompanied by 3 sets of the double Oase Water Quintets which provide a continuous jet of water which can be remotely colour controlled-3 available colours either continuous or pulsating for a spectacular night-time moving water display.

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